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Yesterday, I took a trip to a really remarkable place. About a year or so ago, when I was doing a bunch of research on native plants and wildflowers, I saw quite a few references to a place called “Soldier’s Delight.” It’s nearby, located in Baltimore County. A landscape of a stream on a beautiful, sunny day. To the left, there is a field of grasses. To the right are some pines. A small butterfly is in the foreground. A patch of woods can be seen in the distance.

The it once was part of “the Great Maryland Barrens”, a unique ecosystem of which only 5% remains. Most of the area is in a state wildlife reserve called Soldier’s Delight. Much of the soil in the area is made up of a rock called serpentine. Serpentine soil is low in nutrients. While much of the east coast is deciduous woodlands, the Maryland Barrens were a unique grassland and supports correspondingly unique flora and fauna, specifically insects, some of which are found no where else.

When we arrive, a naturalist was showing beautiful Turkey Vulture. I’ll have to write more about vultures one day. In the meantime, here’s a portrait of the lady.

A twenty five year old female turkey vulture.

Anyone who’s interested in butterflies should take a trip there. It was far more rewarding than I expected.

Okay, the WordPress platform is acting buggy again, and I don’t have the time to deal with it. So I’m just going hope this will publish.

One of my favorite flowers, Spigelia, started blooming a couple of weeks ago. They’re a woodland flower native the much of the eastern U.S. I am puzzled why they are not more popular in gardens. People are always looking for something with showy blooms for the shade. If you have the right spot, these are easy to grow.DSC_0010_111


Also, they attract hummingbirds.

We’ve been trying to incorporate more native plants into the garden. It’s not a big ideological thing, but to encourage the wildlife.