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One of my favorite flowers, Spigelia, started blooming a couple of weeks ago. They’re a woodland flower native the much of the eastern U.S. I am puzzled why they are not more popular in gardens. People are always looking for something with showy blooms for the shade. If you have the right spot, these are easy to grow.DSC_0010_111


Also, they attract hummingbirds.

We’ve been trying to incorporate more native plants into the garden. It’s not a big ideological thing, but to encourage the wildlife.

I was so inspired by the letters that Meme used to spell out “Spring Fever” on her blog today, that I decided to try making a letter of my own using one of my favorite flowers, Spigelia. This isn’t exactly a sketch. It was made with Adobe Illustrator.An illustration of the letter S combined with Spigelia.