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Before I give you the kittylicious pictures, I’m going to pose a question for the great big world out there. I am having technical difficulties. My main machine has given up the ghost and I will be looking into acquiring a new desktop computer. This always brings up loads of questions. I tend to do a lot of graphics work. Most basic computers are not good enough and I’ve been very disappointed in the past. People think they’re helping you save money, but it’s ultimately an expensive mistake. If anyone is a heavy user of graphics programs and has any advice – do I get a separate video card (I’m inclined to think yes) and if so, which, etc. The higher priced ones are out of my price range. I’m not a big hardware geek, so any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

A small cat with soft fur waking up from a nap on a chair.

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The face of a soft, fluffy, long-haired cat.This absolutely gorgeous boy is probably the most vicious killer in the neighborhood, but you would never know it from his appearance. The first time I saw him he gave a soft meow and rolled over on his back looking for affection. He’s obviously a well-cared for family pet. Someone is brushing all that long, beautiful fur on a regular basis. However, it didn’t take long to discover that he spends much of his time outdoors lurking under our bird feeders. A fluffy cat, the same as pictured above, rolling on its side looking for affection.As someone who likes all sorts of animals, it’s not always simple to figure out how to respond to predators. Should I feed birds at all? We keep our own cats inside. We don’t know who owns this boy and we call him Red to distinguish him from Blackie, the feral cat. Despite his incredible effectiveness as a killer, it’s hard to not admire this boy’s beauty.

We have too many animals around here called Red. We also use that name for a Red Bellied Woodpecker and a pair of Red Tailed Hawks. We need to get more inventive.