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It was such a lovely evening tonight, I decided to just walk around a bit. At first, I wasn’t exactly sure where to go, but then I remembered seeing Michael’s eTravelog. He’s traveling around Europe and he takes some great pictures. In a post about Paris, he had some photos of the Louvre at night, so I thought I might head over there. Do check out Michael’s blog.

I went out with my laptop/tablet today hoping to do a little digital sketching. It was more or less impossible because of the glare on the screen.

A digital sketch of the cité

A digital sketch of the Cité Metro station,

Finally, I just got frustrated and whipped out the notebook I brought with me for writing. Not the choicest paper or pencil, but it was far easier than the tablet.






Since an excessive amount of Champagne, some white wine, some red wine, oysters and other nibbles in Montmartre on Saturday did nothing to get rid of my cold, I thought I should give into reality and try taking it easy for a day. So I decided to take a very easy stroll, with my camera of course, and show everyone the neighborhood where I’m staying. It’s not off the beaten track by a long shot, but it doesn’t seem to be a neighborhood many people, or at least many Americans, know. I stayed here last year as well and like the area very much.

It’s called the Sentier. It’s the center of the textile business. More recently, it’s attracted internet startups and, at least according to Wikipedia, is called “Silicon Sentier.” Hmm. I wonder if anyone is looking to hire a middle-aged, female, American, inexperienced programmer.

It’s in the second arrondissement, just a little bit north of Les Halles and the Montorgeuil neighborhood and to the northwest of the Marais , and, at least when I was looking for a place to stay, a tad less expensive. That’s not to say it’s cheap, but why pay the trendy tariff to be in the Marais? At least that’s my logic. To the west is the Opera, so it’s very close to many things. From the point of view of a former New Yorker, it’s walking distance to the Louvre, or five minutes by bus for you wimps.

Yesterday, the weather was lovely so I walked over to Montmartre where they were having a harvest festival. One of the nice things about Europe is that they appear to think that alcohol is a major food group.

This vendor featured beer, attractive young people and loud rockabilly music.


It looks like the graybeard in the background was also hoping to suddenly lose a decade or two off of his age.


For those of you thinking that these are not the best photos I’ve ever taken, you try to take good pictures while holding your third glass of champagne. I’m multi-tasking – dammit!

Over dinner, I started writing down another memory, but I didn’t finish and I want to get to bed so I can acclimate to the time zone. In the meantime, I’ll leave you all with a photograph showing what trigered this particular memory.


It’s a bit rough, but I haven’t slept.

a sketch of some people at a cafe.I know this is really rough, but I’m so tired. It was such a beautiful day that I didn’t want to waste it sleeping, but I’m half delerious at the moment.

Well, I don’t think I’m going to get any awards for aesthetics with this one, but it fit the theme far too perfectly. I started my day changing planes in Heathrow en route to France…

Chairs in the waiting area at Heathrow.

The sunrise seen through a large wall of windows.

So it was Good-Night, Baltimore… Good Morning, Paris. Hardly a typical morning for me.

Maybe I’ll get some pictures of Paris tomorrow. I wonder where would be a good place to go take photos in the morning.