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Very young seedling in a peat pellet.

Our seeds have sprouted already!

Considering our recent conversations about sexuality, and that one of sexual practices that sex addiction proponents frequently consider deviant is pornography, I just had to include a link to this Sun article about pandas using panda porn as a sex aid. The article is very cute.

I was thrilled to see that Natalie Reed was posting again, only to be disappointed by the fact that she will have stopped again yesterday.  She has an interesting post about musical taste and society. I’m not linking to it because I agree with it, she has some oddly late realizations and makes some unsubstantiated sweeping generalizations, but I still think it’s interesting. I had similar experiences about social pressure to like certain types of music and to dislike others. I’m not sure if I should include it in my memories, not being a musician. On the other hand, since the musical forms were sometimes stand-ins for other ideologies, perhaps it might be worthwhile to examine. How much can I bore all of you with the trivia of my early adolescence?

I haven’t listened to this talk about James Baldwin yet, but I will certainly get to it.

Finally, Interesting Literature has a post about one of my all time favorite writers, George Eliot (proof positive that I’m a dork).