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When I put up my butterfly picture the other day, I mentioned that it was taken in or near a town in England called Ironbridge. I mentioned that there was a bridge there made of iron, but since I put it in an off-hand way, it might have been overlooked that it is considered a fairly significant bridge. Tish Farrell, who Arkenaten has informed us lives near there, has put up a couple of posts on the subject.

Here are some of the other photos I took that day. I could have sworn that there were some more closeups of the bridge itself, but either I was mistaken or they have gotten separated from my larger collection of photos. These pictures were taken back in 1996 and I scanned them.


We started our walk very near the bridge itself.


This is the path we followed. (Rant: I originally wrote something else, but WordPress seems bizarrely intent on making their program worse, and my original captioned disappeared.)


A butterfly.


Buildwas Abbey.