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My sister injured her back, so yesterday I went to visit. I brought my camera with me because, as I said to my sister, “If I don’t bring it the animals are sure to do something cute.” So, I sat outside for a time taking photos. I got one picture that made me think about all those pictures you see showing “nature’s wonderful camouflage.” So, go below the fold and see if you can find the bird…

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In keeping with my self-described designation as the world’s laziest birder, I spotted a little bird outside the window when I was visiting my sister. I said, “Hey, what’s that there.” My sister said, “It’s just one of those annoying house sparrows.” I said, “No, to the right, under the azalea.” I went and got my camera. As I came back, the little brown bird hopped out onto the patio and into the sunlight.A hermit thrush on a concrete patio.

I have tentatively identified it as a Hermit Thrush. There are a few very similar thrushes, so if a more knowledgeable person has a better id, let me know. We saw him scratching at the ground under some bushes that border the patio. He’s a little bit bigger than the House Sparrows.

Sorry, to the non-birders out there for the incredibly unexciting picture taken through a window. For the rest of you, here’s a fun macro shot I took on Saturday.

Some honey comb as seen through the entrance of a beehive.

Clicking on the photo above takes you to a gallery of my macro photos.