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As a rational, skeptical, atheistical type of person, I bet you think that I am entirely without a superstitious bone in my body. And if you thought that that sentence would inevitably precede a confession about some little superstition I hold, you would be very right. Like most people, there are little irrational things that make me feel uncomfortable. I know they’re irrational and some of them I suppress. Others, however, I have indulged. One of my little superstitions that I’ve always been happy to indulge is that New Year’s Eve would set a pattern for the coming year. If I had a good time on New Year’s Eve, I’d have a good year.

This means that since I was in high school, I have always tried to find a party or some other event with music, drinking and dancing. Unlike the claims of most people, I’ve actually had a good time most years and generally look forward to the night. If, as the end of December approaches, I haven’t been invited to a party, I find a more public event at a bar or a similar place. I could have done that tonight. I nearly did. However, the past few years, despite having had a good time on New Year’s Eve, have been years during which I’ve suffered from depression. Perhaps that fact has lessened my little superstition.

In any case, I’m sitting having coffee and it’s eleven fifty-nine.

Happy New Year! I can hear the fireworks and the cheering now.

I think I’ll go make myself some Hoppin’ John and some collards.

Well, I was hoping to get one more substantial post in before the end of the year, but I was having a moment of nostalgia and bought a train ticket to New York. I have in my drafts folder some musings about social and political issues regarding race and two more installments of my memories. However, I’d been planning for a few weeks now to do a New Year’s post because I put up my first post on the first of January last year, making it also the anniversary of my blog, which was a sort of little birthday present for myself.

Blogging has been interesting, a little bit of failure and a little bit of success. I believe that my personality comes through on my blog far more than I could have anticipated. I’ve always known that I was emotionally volatile in person and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, but I thought I would be more distanced on my blog. It shouldn’t surprise me that it didn’t work out that way, but it does. I had intended originally to post everyday, which I did for the first half of the year. Although I did not succeed in that goal, the reason I set that goal in the first place was because previous attempts at blogging resulted in zombie blogs after half a dozen sporadic posts. Now that the pattern has been established, I think I can continue to write without hanging onto that self-imposed discipline.

I’m still struggling with trying to be a better commenter, trying to conduct myself as a guest when visiting other people’s blogs. I’ve found that my humor works on my own blog, but it’s problematic in the comments elsewhere.

It would be nice to develop a thicker skin, but it might not be advisable. I think being overly sensitive, in all meanings of the word, has its advantages from an aesthetic perspective and I’m not sure that I wouldn’t lose something. On the other hand, I really do need to learn to let things go, to shrug off small slights.

One of the nicest surprises about blogging is that I’ve met a few great people I wouldn’t have otherwise met. I have also been surprised by the degree to which my musings and anecdotes have been read. One engages in amateur blogging in the hopes that there are out there, somewhere, a few sympatico individuals.

If I am correct, Socrates is credited with having said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Examining one’s is central to blogging, where we do it visually with photos, or literarily.

In the coming year, I hope to get back on track with recounting my memories. I’ve actually come to the juncture of an unpleasant point in my life and writing it down has been difficult. In the end, though, it is only three posts at most, so I think I should be able to push through it and get on with telling my story.

I also hope to do more sketches and drawings.

Have a Happy New Year!

carolers on the street