I suppose that it’s technically a memoir, although I feel a little bit shy using that word since I’m not claiming any literary merit for what I’m doing. I just want to explain how I came to see the world the way I do. In the past, I’ve taken stabs at it, usually starting with an episode that I’d especially like to discuss. Then, once the part which is of interest to me has been written down, I stop writing. So, I’m going in more or less chronological order, picking out the pieces of the past that seem relevant to me today. I’ve been posting a new installment each Wednesday. I’m moving slowly, but it hopefully it will add up over time.

The front grille of an old Volvo.

In the hopes that there are actually people reading this, here is a list of links to the installments for your convenience.

  1.  Ticky-Tack Houses
  2. The Library
  3. Changing Bodies
  4. The Scent of a Man
  5. The New Student
  6. Social Realignments
  7. Hollering Back
  8. Rotting Roots
  9. Tough Girls
  10. Disco Easter Sunday
  11. Maybe They Like Me
  12. Reading and Writing
  13. Book Learning
  14. Illinois Nazis
  15. Yellow Lines and Dead Armadillos
  16. A Secret Vice
  17. Groping in the Dark
  18. The Eighth Year
  19. A New Boyfriend
  20. Learning to Feel in French

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