A gate in a wire fence closed with a loose chain and a padlock.

When I was in my early twenties, my mother, hoping to goad me into doing some painting in her house, gave me a copy of Paint Magic by Jocast Innes. I was particularly taken by a photo of a mural of a landscape done in a stairhall in New England by one William Price, whom Innes describes as an “itinerant painter.” I feel myself to be something of an itinerant intellectual with more ambition than training, and no attachments to any institution or organization. Hopefully, like William Price, what I lack in refinement I make up for in spirit.

My two great interests are liberalism and sexuality and I use this blog to explore these subjects. I welcome contributions from other people.

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  1. And to think, my silly ass, for no good reason, thought you were a French man living in France just this last weekend. Yep. I’m I’m top of things. You can say that. Nice blog, BTW.

  2. Hi Fojap,

    I’m glad you dropped by one of my blogs, and I’m looking forward to delving into your posts as time permits. Thanks for the follow and like. It’s a pleasure to meet you.


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