Quick Post – New Hobby

I’ve been very busy making gifts for Christmas.

necklaceSorry for the blurry picture. The light was low. The necklace is made from PMC, precious metal clay. PMC was invented in the 1990s. Silver or gold is combined with a binder and can be worked like clay. Then it is fired in a kiln. The binder burns off and what remains is nearly pure silver.

    • fojap said:

      Thanks. The Precious Metal Clay is fascinating stuff. It’s malleable like clay, but when you fire it, the binders burn off and you’re left with nearly pure silver. I think I’m part magpie. Anything bright and shiny I like. I bought a whole bunch of synthetic gems and I’ve been sticking them in everything.

      I think I’ll add a description to the post.

      How were your exams?

      • All of the papers were fair. They just confirmed that I don’t like exams at all.
        You really are creative

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