Self-portrait – Cartoon Style

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not big on having my picture taken. At the same time, I try not to run away and make a big fuss about how I hate it. So, when group picture time comes around, I just suck it up and smile. However, I never learned that scared chimpanzee, all teeth no eyes, smile that movie stars and women who want to look like them can do. I’ve tried a couple of times and I wind up looking more like a scared chimpanzee than a fashion model. On the other hand, I’m sloe-eyed and when I smile normally my eyes turn into little slits. When I was in China with my mother, I couldn’t gracefully get out of having my picture taken. For forty years, I’ve taken the more-or-less identical photo:


    • fojap said:

      Maybe I should make it my avatar.

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