Old Photo of My Mother and Grandfather

Regarding my organizing – I haven’t scanned most of my old photos. Just a couple that looked as if they might crumble. Otherwise, I’ve just put them in boxes according to year. I also have a box of old slides. Those are totally disorganized, but that will have to wait for another day. However, I came across a small photo frame. Part of my organizing has been to either use something or get rid of it. For those who worry about waste, you can relax. Nothing is going in the garbage. If it’s still in good shape I’m either giving it to someone who wants it or putting it in a garage sale my mother’s neighbor is having in a week or two. Still, it can’t stay in my place because I’m too messy to hold onto little things I don’t use. So, I figured I had to either put something in the frame or get rid of it. I searched through the slides looking for one of my parents as teenagers. Instead, I found one of my mother and grandfather which I thought looked nice. Since the frame is small I cropped it.

Grandpa-and-Mom-croppedHere’s the original, which shows the whole kitchen. You can see that I cleaned up the dust.

1950s kitchenMy mother saw it the other day. She said, “My father used to help me with my math homework. He never finished high school, but he could help me with classes he never took.” My grandfather had an abusive step-mother and he ran away from home as a teenager.

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  1. I hope we will see more of these from your cleaning or is it reorganization exercise

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