The New Format

I do not like WordPress’s new editor. I just lost a whole lot of work.

By coincidence, I’ve been getting those notices to renew my WordPress subscription. If you notice, I don’t have “WordPress” in my domain name, which means I’m one of those people who actually pay for my site. So, I’m going to take some time and see what other blogging platforms are out there. I know most of the people who comment also have WordPress sites since having an account makes you more likely to comment. If anyone has experience, good or bad, with other platforms, let me know.

Here’s an image of my workspace while I was working on that Mali post:


new wordpress format 1

Who on earth thought this was a good design.

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  1. It’s an idiotic design. I have started using Wix for my work website, but I am definitely not sold on that either. It’s sluggish. Unintuitive. But I’ll keep using it for a few months to see before I withdraw back to … WordPress.

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