Medieval Walled Cities (Quick Rant)

Inaccuracies in the news media make me mad. How are we supposed to know what we know when the people whose job it is to inform of us of what is going on are either total idiots or too lazy to bother to do their jobs. I was on a little bit of a binge of reading about medieval fortifications when I saw on a Google Search results page “10 of the Best Medieval Walled Cities.” Really, I should know better than to click on “Number of Superlative of Plural Noun” no matter what the subject. I’d already been subjected to many fantasy and Minecraft renderings of castles and such. Still, CNN is supposed to be a real news source. You’d think they’d have some standards. Then I saw it… Quebec. What the flying fuck! The medieval era was over when the city of Quebec was settled. The “Chateau Frontenac” is a hotel built by the railroads. It’s impressively big because it was built after the advent of elevators. The walls… the were built by the British to keep out the Americans during the War of 1812. I’m writing off the top of my head and you can bet if I thought I was going to pick up a paycheck for that, I’d double-check those assertions. The writer for CNN has no such scruples. Furthermore, I must imagine other people at the company saw that page. I would tempted to say the editor is at fault as well, but as far as I can tell news organizations have fired all editors, fact checkers and everyone except the marketing people. They probably regret the peculiar requirement of consumers that they actually have a product to sell.

Champlain’s rendering of the habitation he built in Quebec. The “walls” surrounding the settlement were probably a wooden palisade.

Anyhoo… Saint Augustine – Spanish – 1565. Jamestown – English – 1607. Quebec – French – 1608. If you live anywhere on the North American continent you should know those dates without stopping to think. (People elsewhere are forgiven.) I swear, sometimes I wonder if some people forget how to tie their shoes.

  1. This statement

    I swear, sometimes I wonder if some people forget how to tie their shoes.

    has made me laugh twice today. Someone wrote elsewhere given the comments by christians on twitter, they wonder who ties their shoe laces.

    • fojap said:

      I was looking at a list of cities with fortifications and there were none listed in Kenya. Why is that?

      I’m thinking that maybe human beings are all natural born thieves. I’m puzzling about all the walls. Not so much the middle ages, but early on. Who built walls in the first place and why. Castles and walled cities seem so romantic, but when you stop and think about it they’re indicative of lots of violence.

      There are a lot of walled cities in North Africa and the Middle East. A lot of places I wanted to go but would rather avoid these days. Maybe I should go to Morocco while I still can. As a kid, I always wanted to go to Iran. After the Revolution that suddenly didn’t seem like such a great idea. Now, with the thawing of relations, who know. Maybe I could go after all.

      Maybe I should just play it safe and stick with France and England where I can speak the language and more or less understand the customs. If I want to get daring I can go to Spain or Germany.

      • I haven’t heard of any walled cities in East and Central Africa, maybe even south. Maybe there was no cities to wall and in case the tribe grew large, they just moved. And this could also be that there were fewer wars between us and thus no need for fortifications

      • fojap said:

        There’s the Great Zimbabwe, but other than that, I don’t know of any.

        We really don’t cover much African history in school here at all. It’s very Eurocentric. A little bit about Ancient Egypt, but that’s just about all.

      • The same seems to be the case here. We don’t study any histories to detail They get mentioned in passing

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