Here’s more pictures from Sunday.
Woman-in-Pink-WigSine the post is so has so many pictures but I didn’t want to use the WordPress gallery format, I’m putting more below the fold. Consider the first one a tease.

Dancer-in-Orange-1 Dancer-in-Orange-2 Danger Deaf-Community-Marcher Gay-Men's-Chorus Liberty-and-Love Liberty-Twirling-the-Flag Men-on-Cake Multicolored-Man National-Organization-for-Women-Marchers Roller-Skating-Leatherman tv-actress Woman-in-Catsuit Woman-with-Star-Pasties

  1. The last photo in the collection is da bomb! What a marvelous ending to a great post

  2. gocharliego4 said:

    Wow! What great photos! You really captured great expressions! I fee like on was there after looking at them!

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