I’m currently visiting Sissy in Baltimore. Yesterday, while she was at work, I spent a lot of time in her yard. I caught sight of this little fellow. He’s only about seven centimeters. This close up was taken with extension tubes.

  1. Used to keep those little fellas as pets when I was a kid. Very cute, and quite an excellent picture.

    • fojap said:

      Thanks. When I first got down on the ground to get a close up, I thought he’d jump away. I think he was just freezing thinking that if he stayed still I’d go away.

      • He was right. You did, albeit with an awesome picture. I used to collect them as tadpoles from pools of water near my friend’s farm in Wisconsin every spring. The tadpoles are very tiny, but they morph into the little toads in, I believe, like two maybe three weeks.

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