Remember That Duck?

I went to the park again. Under a tree, eating some seeds were two ducks. One was the oddly colored duck that I saw a few weeks ago.


A typical male Mallard was with her.

Two-DucksI may be jumping to conclusions, but in my mind the other duck is the same male I saw before and the dark duck is a female.

I also got some nice pictures of a pair of geese, one on a nest and another standing at a distance.

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  1. Julia Baribeau said:

    I’ve seen the exact same pattern on two ducks at a pond near my home in Southern Ontario, and came across this blog post trying to identify them. Both ducks are mallard-sized, dark brown, with a white patch on their breasts which is mottled around the edges. They swim around with one male mallard. Have you heard anything about identification of this unusual pattern?

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