More Birds

I took so many pictures yesterday, including flowers and landscapes, I’ve decided to just concentrate on some of my “birding” pictures. Right now, on the East Coast of the U.S., in the mid-Atlantic states, we are having what is known as “the warbler migration.” The wood-warblers, family Parulidae, are small song birds many of whom winter in the Caribbean, southern Florida and eastern Mexico. Central Park, as it happens, is a great place to look for birds. There is a lake in the park, and immediately to the north of the lake is a wooded area known as “the Ramble.” This is the prime place to go to look for warblers. I’m new to this, and I only saw a few species, and got photos of fewer.

  1. There is a documentary called ‘Birders: Central Park Effect’ which you would probably like, if you haven’t already seen it! Great day there. Looks like a Parula to me. Fun, isn’t it? 😀

    • fojap said:

      The first time I went “birding”, it was in Central Park. I didn’t really know that that was the intent. I was dating a man who was a birder and he said he wanted to go to the park. I’m not really a birder, per se, since I’m also looking for plants and other animals, including insects. I went to school upstate and spent a lot of time walking in the woods.

      • Well, be careful. Once you begin ‘birding,’ it’s like playing a game of chess or collection figurines. You can’t just stop at a few moves, and you must. Absolutely. Collect. Every. One.

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