My Sister’s Backyard


Some Virginia bluebells

Last weekend I went to my sister’s place down in Baltimore to do a little work in the yard. Here are some pictures I took.

This is some sort of Trillium.  I won't be able to know what type it is until it blooms.

This is some sort of Trillium. I won’t be able to know what type it is until it blooms.

ICNA irregularly shaped flower about 3 inches high with lacy leaves

Here are some Dutchman’s Breeches. There were more however some animal ate the others.

This is a squirrel I call Spot. She recognized me from last year.

This is a squirrel I call Spot. She recognized me from last year.

A chipmunk.

A chipmunk.

Some Primroses.

Some Primroses.

Addendum: I originally tried to post this from my phone, which is why I suppose the format looks a little strange. Also, the size of the photo files are a little large. Normally, when I post from my desktop, I try to make the file size smaller. I do have to say, however, that the phone takes surprisingly good pictures.

    • fojap said:

      Thanks. We have pretty wild and unruly garden, but I admit I sort of like it that way.

      • fojap said:

        The back of her property borders on a little patch of woods, so it can only be so neat back there. I like woods, too. I went to college upstate and spent a huge amount of time walking in the woods. By my sister’s place, we’ve seen most common animals, except opossums for some reason I don’t get. But we’ve seen huge deer and foxes. There are flying squirrels in the area, but we haven’t seen them. Lots of birds, just about all the common ones and a couple of the less common ones like Bald Eagles and a Red Headed Woodpecker.

        I sort of think of it as passive aggressive gardening. Sort of go with the flow. It’s taken a lot of learning about plants, though. Basically, if anything has a negative environmental impact, we rip it up and replace it with something that has some benefits. That’s usually native plants, but there’s nothing ideological about it, so we plant foreign plants, too. Also, if something needs too much fussing, like too much water and fertilizer, we let it go. Out side of topping with compost, we don’t use fertilizer. Happily, we have lots of worms.

      • You’re a gardener after my own heart. I love to just look at nature do its thing and learn about plants and wildlife. Cool.

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