1. Daz said:

    And here’s me waiting ’til early afternoon to go out ’cause it’s a bit chilly. Not even a frost. I should feel guilty, but I don’t. Awesome pictures though.

    Oh and the squirrel reminds me. In the introductions section of a TV quiz last night: one member of one of the teams had once come fact to face with the world’s most venomous snake, whilst his team-mate had been attacked by a squirrel. How’s that for a juxtaposition?

    • fojap said:

      How can you be attacked by a squirrel? Almost all squirrel bites are accidents due to someone trying to feed it. If you take a look at a squirrel’s head it won’t surprise you to realize that it can see right in front of its nose. Sometimes they think they’re biting a nut and they bite your finger. It never happened to me, but I did once have a chipmunk try to put my finger in its mouth. Fortunately, he didn’t bite down and it just sort of tickled.

      Squirrels are nervous little things when you get down to it.

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