More Complaints About Windows 8.1

Another morning Ativan thanks to Microsoft.

Sorry to bore all of you to death with my petty problems, but I just discovered since updating to Windows 8.1 the sound on my computer no longer works. You know, I feel like I’ve gone backwards rather than forwards in terms of technology. I feel like I just want to abandon whole thing and hand out mimeographed ‘zines instead of a blog. It’s really damned frustrating. I’ve never had this many problems with technology before Microsoft came out with Windows 8. I had to uninstall Windows 8 and replace it with Windows 7 on my desktop.

I only “updated” to Windows 8.1 because the prompts from Microsoft kept bugging me. I really feel like my arm was twisted to do something I didn’t want to do and Microsoft has essentially wrecked my computer. I feel like they should fucking fix it or replace it, but tech companies don’t take responsibility for shit.

Seriously toying with putting some flavor of Linux on here, though that’s kind of a pain in the ass when traveling. Better a crippled computer than none at all.

BTW, does Windows 8.1 lag weirdly or am imagining things? If that’s the case, then they really went and fucked everything to hell. I didn’t like the interface, but everything else seemed to run fine, at least on the laptop. Not so on the desktop. I’m going to tag this stupid, whiny post with “Linux” in case some nice person can come here and give me the benefit of his or her experience.

I’m trying to get my brain working in French, so I’d really like to listen to the news and not just read it.

Anyway, I want to put this up, not simply because it’s self-indulgent, but so I can warn people away from Window 8.*.

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