Having a Mild Anxiety Attack over My Pubic Hair

I have a date tonight and I’m as scared as shit. You see, I’m a little bit hairy. Not feakishly so, but ever since I was nine body hair removal has been a major part of my life. It’s one of those things that women aren’t supposed to talk about. There it is – starting with puberty, which arrived early for me, I had pubic hair, hair over my entire legs, both thighs and calves. There’s no real line of demarcation between the pubic hair and the hair on the top of my thighs. The hairless area comes in by the joint, but there’s no true gap on the inner thighs. I also have hair under my armpits. Most embarrassingly, I have hair around my anus and between my butt cheeks.

You might think this sounds normal, and to a great extent it is. Having pale skin and dark hair makes it a little more unsightly, but I’m under the impression I’m on the hairy side of average, but nothing bizarre. Except…

I can’t shave. I can’t wax either.

I’m subject to skin rashes and ingrown hairs. Because of this, I’ve had the laser hair removal done on my legs. For some reason, I can shave under my arms as long as I don’t do it too often.

The pubic hair. That’s a problem.

For most of my adult life, it wasn’t a problem then sometime about a decade ago men started complaining.

I’m a nice person. I’m smart. I can be funny, even when I’m depressed. I’m very nice to my boyfriends. I like sex. I used to be the sort of woman men wanted to know.

But men complain now. Why? Pubic hair.

I don’t know what to do. Should I spend the money and get electrolysis done? Will someone even do the area around my anus? I don’t even like the way no pubic hair looks myself and I ask myself if I want to spend the money, time and endure the pain in order to please a man who wouldn’t otherwise like me. For years, I’ve been holding out hoping to meet someone who doesn’t mind. Then I meet someone, I take off my clothes, and he starts complaining.

So, I put up an ad on Craigslist saying that I’m chubby and I have pubic hair. I have a date tonight and I’m having a panic attack. This will be the second date, so I know he’s okay about the weight. Will he say something negative if take my underpants off?

I’d take half an Ativan, but I have to drive. I hope deep breaths will do.

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  1. Use a beard trimmer to cut close without getting the hair below the surface of the skin. That will prevent rash and ingrown hairs while still keeping tendrils from peeking out from your undies…

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