I’m too pathetic to even get laid on craigslist

My ad was flagged. I don’t know why. I said I was lonely and would do anything for company.

Will kill myself tonight if I don’t have an in person conversation with someone other than my sister or my mother. No joke. This is not a life.

I’m in Baltimore. If you want company tonight please let me know.

  1. Deep breaths 🙂 You probably don’t want to be on Craigslist. Why not just go to a bar?

  2. Hey, if I were in Baltimore I’d be up for a drink. Craigslist is all wrong for you. Loneliness is terrible, that’s true but I think if you go somewhere crowded, like a bar or a coffee shop, you’ll strike up a conversation. Bring a prop that makes you stand out. Not a book. Something like a sketch pad or a ‘How to Learn Origami’ book. Start making origami. SOMEONE will talk to you. Origami is like that.

  3. thenarcissistwrites said:

    Wow… I gotta be honest, and I know this is probably not very nice, but that’s kinda funny. There are so many dating sites out there, make a profile on EVERY one of them! Once you do that (and you actively send out a few messages a day) you can complain about not getting laid 🙂

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