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Some days, I am in the mood for sweets. Other days, I am in the mood to cook. Then there are those special days that I am both in the mood to cook and to eat something sweet. Today was one of those days. There was this jar of poppy seed that I’d bought for something some time ago but never used that’s been haunting me the past few days, saying, “Eat me. Eat me.” Since poppy seed doesn’t last forever and it had been sitting on the shelf for a while, it’s been weighing on my mind. “Got to do something with that poppy seed.” So, I started with the idea of making a poppy seed cake. So, I started thinking, what goes with poppy seed. I got it in my head that an apricot filling with a honey flavored icing would be great. Then, I realized that I had everything I needed minus dried apricots. That seemed to be a big clue to be lazy, so I looked back in the cabinet and found a jar of cherry preserves.

All in all, I think it came out very well. The apricots probably would have been better. The honey icing was essentially a meringue frosting made with honey instead of a sugar syrup.



I took these earlier today. I’d put them up on my photoblog, but I’m a little too tired to write in French. We were told that we were lucky today because the octopus was unusually active.

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Sometimes, I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenges. This week’s challenge was ‘street life’ and I’ve put a related post up over on my other blog where I put most of the photography. I use the challenges as creative inspiration to make new photographs and only occasionally put up old ones. So, after seeing this week’s challenge, it was a bit disappointing that we had a rainy weekend. However, yesterday was beautiful, and I was able to get out and take pictures. Since street photography is usually about people, it was a little bit of a challenge for me because I’m always so afraid of being intrusive. However, it gave me the opportunity to have small conversations with people, which was nice.

As always, if anyone ever appears in a photograph and doesn’t like it, just let me know and I’ll be glad to take it down.

There were a few pictures that didn’t fit in my little collection, so I’ll post them here instead.


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