Sexuality in Art

Well, I started writing a post that was supposed to be a follow-up to the one about nudity and art. I wanted to deal with the question of when nudity was sexual, when it was not. The difference between erotica and pornography and other subjects. Then I went to hit save, and I got a message on a blank screen saying “Do you really want to do this?” My gut said, “If you’re asking, probably not,” but it was already too late. I’m more than a bit bummed out because it was quite difficult to organize my thoughts and I thought I was being so prudent in saving before I got especially far. Now, it’s late and I’m tired and can’t remember where I was. When am I going to learn to not trust the WordPress system and remember to type my posts in a text editor and then cut and paste them into WordPress? I do that with most of my longer posts and why I didn’t do that with this one, I don’t know.


For the record, this was supposed to be an example of a nude that is not sexual.

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