Salivating Bluging-Eyed Feminist Monster

Well, this will need a little explanation. Yesterday, in my post I made a reference to turning into a “salivating bulging-eyed feminist monster of Rush Limbaugh’s nightmares.” Since I haven’t done a drawing in a while, I thought I’d make a little caricature poking fun of myself. Just so I’m not misunderstood, I do call myself a feminist and I’m just making fun of myself, not feminists in general.

Self-portrait. Surprisingly like.

Self-portrait. Surprisingly like.

  1. Please can you do one of a woman with small breasts, long dark wavy hair and no stockings or tattoos? I would like to see what I look like!

    • fojap said:

      Lol. For the record, my breasts are nowhere near that big and I don’t have any tattoos… and I haven’t dressed like that in twenty-five years. Ooh, I think I’d scare the neighborhood children if I put that on today.

  2. said:

    Nice work !

      • said:


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