A Conversation with My Mother

“Well, the other day I was talking to my friend Barbara. You remember Barbara, right? She told me how all her friends were reading this book Fifty Shades of Gray. I was so offended. I couldn’t believe she was telling me about it. She thinks just because she’s rich she knows things I don’t. What! Does she think I live under a rock? Fifty Shades of Gray! Is it possible to miss it? So I said to her, ‘Thank-you, Barbara, but I’ve already read it and I was totally appalled. My daughter can write so much better than that!’

“Have you thought about going into the pornography field, sweetie? You’d be very good at it. You always had quite an imagination.”

Um… thanks for the support Mom. And I wonder why I feel like I didn’t get good career advice as a kid. At least she’s gotten off my hips.

  1. What an interesting conversation. I think she is right. You are creative and imaginative. You wouldn’t lack a plot to develop.

    • fojap said:

      I confessed to my mother that I had started on one a few years ago but abandoned it because most mainstream publishers don’t publish erotica. She responded by telling me that the woman who wrote Fifty Shades of Gray originally self-published. She’s since given me a newspaper clipping on a local woman who self-publishes erotic novels. I don’t know. Sounds like fun hobby in any case. Better than watching tv.

      • Are you going to give it a try? Am sure you could do well

      • fojap said:

        Thanks for the vote of confidence. Maybe I’ll try and see if I like it at all.

  2. Go for it!

    Believe it or not, I wrote a childrens book a while back, and have been busy these last few weeks writing another book. Writing them is the easy part. The daunting challenge of getting published is the hard part. Of course self publishing is an option, but you really need to read the fine print and google every one of these publishing outfits to get a good idea of what to expect.

    It isn’t an easy field to break into. But if you never try, you will never know. I have yet to take that step. Like I said writing is the easy part.

  3. vastlycurious.com said:

    Maybe it’s sound advice based on what I have read, I thought it true.

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