Humourless Atheist

All I want is to have a cock inside me. Is that too much to ask out of life. I’m so lonely and sad. I really really need help, but there’s no one to help me.

  1. You could be on the next flight to Nairobi, I meet you in the morning and we see from there on!
    Cheer up friend!

    • fojap said:

      That would be lovey, I think.

      Damn, I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I mean, everything is true, but why am I losing my composure at the moment? I’ve been alone for a few years now with just a couple of brief one night stands in all that time, not even a little fling or affair. Sometimes I think about it and I get a little glum, but why do I feel like I’m losing control these days? I just don’t know.

      • Had to tell my friend.
        It would be lovely. I don’t have an idea what to say to cheer up, but I would love to hear that you are having a good laugh at yourself and looking at life with a more positive outlook. You can drop by anytime

  2. In Brazil there’s a term, “A Friendly Cock,” used for lovers.

    • fojap said:

      It’s awkward having to leave the U.S. every time in I want to get laid. (This is only half a joke. I don’t know why, but American men just don’t seem to be interested in me that much. Even in the U.S., half my boyfriends have been foreign.) Too much football, or I don’t know what.

  3. Chicago isn’t far, my friend, and I could use a friendly place to set my cock for awhile. I’m lonely too. And I’m really, really funny, a lot more so in person even. (No! I’m NOT talking about my looks!)

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