The Best View in Town

Well, sketch day seems to have turned into a bit of a bust. I was in the mood to draw out of doors today and did not change my plans and head to a museum upon seeing it was cold and rainy. I took a nice little stroll down to the bassin de l’Arsenal, but couldn’t find a convenient place to plant my butt that wasn’t already occupied by a puddle.

I did manage to get out one and a half drawings, but I’m too lazy right now to photograph them, so I’m going to tell all of you about a funny little detail I noticed the other day.

As you may have noticed, I like participating in the photo challenges hosted by WordPress. Although this site is on WordPress, I feel a little ambivalent about the idea of a “WordPress community,”  but that’s a rant for another day. I put my site on WordPress because I was simply too lazy to build it all myself. Well, who really has time. I don’t sew most of my own clothes either. Truthfully, I don’t understand why we still cook as much as people do. However, I like participating in the photo challanges because it gives me a chance to get out and see some blogs that I wouldn’t find and have a friendly exchange with some with whom I do not have much in common. It gives me lots of warm fuzzy feelings about humanity.

Well, this week’s theme is “eerie.” You see, this isn’t a normal vacation that I’m on right now. It’s more like a mental health trip. I feel much more cheerful when I’m here. So, I’ve been having difficulty this week trying to make an “eerie” picture. That’s part of the reason I went to the cemetery the other day.

The night before, or at least I think it was the night before, I went out in the evening with my camera hoping to get some eerie pictures. So I wandered around in the drizzling rain with surprisingly deserted streets, trying to see everything in a different light. The area around Notre Dame was disappointingly anything but eerie. From there, I wandered over pont d’Arcole.


Me, I don’t find spiders in the least bit creepy or eerie. Since I know other people do, I took a few photos.


The way the lights on the bridge shone on the webs, they are some of the best spider web pictures I’ve ever taken.


Ah, location, location, location.

  1. gocharliego4 said:

    WOW i just love these pictures!!! I’m so glad you are having a great trip! enjoy every last minute!

  2. Jean said:

    I am not taken to liking spiders, but I do appreciate their webs. You have truly captured the intricacies of their architecture. Very beautiful, in an eerie way.

  3. The photos are awesome! And yours truly hopes you are feeling better

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