Taking It Easy around the Sentier

Since an excessive amount of Champagne, some white wine, some red wine, oysters and other nibbles in Montmartre on Saturday did nothing to get rid of my cold, I thought I should give into reality and try taking it easy for a day. So I decided to take a very easy stroll, with my camera of course, and show everyone the neighborhood where I’m staying. It’s not off the beaten track by a long shot, but it doesn’t seem to be a neighborhood many people, or at least many Americans, know. I stayed here last year as well and like the area very much.

It’s called the Sentier. It’s the center of the textile business. More recently, it’s attracted internet startups and, at least according to Wikipedia, is called “Silicon Sentier.” Hmm. I wonder if anyone is looking to hire a middle-aged, female, American, inexperienced programmer.

It’s in the second arrondissement, just a little bit north of Les Halles and the Montorgeuil neighborhood and to the northwest of the Marais , and, at least when I was looking for a place to stay, a tad less expensive. That’s not to say it’s cheap, but why pay the trendy tariff to be in the Marais? At least that’s my logic. To the west is the Opera, so it’s very close to many things. From the point of view of a former New Yorker, it’s walking distance to the Louvre, or five minutes by bus for you wimps.

  1. gocharliego4 said:

    Great pictures! Really get a feel for the neighborhood and i wish i was there! Especially for the champagne, wine and nibbles! Enjoy!!!

  2. vastlycurious.com said:

    Lovely post. I hope you feel better soon!

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