French Graffiti

Over dinner, I started writing down another memory, but I didn’t finish and I want to get to bed so I can acclimate to the time zone. In the meantime, I’ll leave you all with a photograph showing what trigered this particular memory.


  1. said:

    You are in France? Wow!

    • fojap said:

      Yes, I arrived yesterday and will be here for a month. This morning, I walked along the Canal St Martin. The photo above was taken towards the end of my walk. On the quai de Valmy, there is a little spot that looks interesting. It was relatively quiet when I was there. I saw some people eating and assumed it was a cafe. A sign outside indicated that they hosted musical performances. Now that I’ve looked it up on line, I see that they also have visual art exhibits. I would have gone inside if I had known. Perhaps I go back another day.

      The fact that I open my eyes and was wide awake at half past two in the morning tells me that I haven’t adjusted to the time zone yet. I was quite proud of myself for actually being awake in the morning today. Last year, that took several days.

      • said:

        Cheez If I had known I would have gone with you. I am plain sick of traveling alone! I am so jealous! Photographs please!!! (After you sleep)

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