Women and Atheism

Warning: The following post is rank speculation and contains few, if any, verifiable facts.

One day I was out in a park taking photos and struck up a conversation with a man. After a lengthy conversation, he invited me out to a place a few blocks away for dinner and drinks. Several times he mentioned that he liked smart women in a context that I understood to imply that he thought I was smart and that he liked me. After a few drinks he said, “I feel like I’m pushing my luck to even ask, but you wouldn’t happen to be an atheist?” I said, “Yes,” and he looked up as if to thank ceiling cat.

It’s not surprising that he should thank ceiling cat for his good fortune. Received wisdom has it that among atheists men outnumber women two to one.

Wow – here’s one of those days when I feel lucky to be a blogger not a legit writer. My original intent was to start with an introductory anecdote, make the statement that atheist men significantly outnumber atheist women, speculate wildly on why that would be the case and finish up with the conclusion of my anecdote. So I was trying to find a good, recent source with a gender breakdown of atheists in the United States. I’ve been poking around for about two hours now. This post is taking significantly longer than I had intended due to this rather big hiccup. If anyone has a good, reliable source for the notion that the number of men who don’t believe in any divine being is actually double that of women in the United States, please give me a source. Until then, I will have to wait for another day to finish my post.

Sorry folks.

As for the end of the anecdote, let’s just say that I fished around on the internet for this image: underwear.

    • fojap said:

      Glad I succeeded in doing something today.

  1. vastlycurious.com said:

    I bet it is close to even. Start a post here and ask? You could keep it like the stats widget for people that visit your Blog : )

    Nice undies 🙂

    • fojap said:

      Unfortunately, that wasn’t what the guy thought. He was also disappointed that I had my own, average-sized breasts. He had quite a few complaints when I took my clothes off. Do I need to add that he didn’t exactly look like Mr. Universe himself? But the underwear complaint was truly weird since I actually, ahem, have a bit of a lingerie fetish and am likely to be wearing nicer underwear than clothes.

      Wanted: Nice heterosexual man between twenty and eighty who would like to meet a dumpy, over-sexed, middle-aged female atheist with and extensive collection of fancy French undies for sex and… well… sex. Emphasis on nice, or at least tactful.

      • You just found one 😛 You know where to find me.
        You truly make my days my friend

      • vastlycurious.com said:

        I completely get it!

        All I really want is a man with long hair, an artist and musician with a French accent between 40-60. He has to love me “just the way I am ” ..NOW, this doesn’t seem to hard does it????? Smiles 🙂

        So I am certain that you know this line :

  2. According to this study, the ratio is 60:40

    I’ve got more than a decade to go before I’m 80, and I adore pretty underthings.

  3. It is very difficult to find reliable facts about Atheist demography and most are likely to skewed by the fact that far more men discuss religion on the internet than women, giving the impression that Atheism is dominated by men. For example the Atheist Census has three quarters of Atheists listed as men http://atheistcensus.com/ In general I find that women are less likely to talk about controversial topics so many are silent Atheists, whereas men are much more vocal with their views

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