Saturday Links: A Naked Woman

He’s a funny little thing from Amanda Palmer. Be sure to play the video; it’s quite cute. Amusingly, I tried to find it on YouTube and it wouldn’t let me access it without an account because it had been flagged as “mature” by users. Really, what is so mature about this. It’s just a naked women. I really wish people would just get over it. Some neurotic person somewhere has a problem with the human body that affects the rest of us. I want to start flagging as offensive all those beer ads, car ads, makeup ads, and a million and one things that give a far more damaging message to children than this cute, funny video.

A second link on a totally different subject: Last night I went to go see the movie Hanna Arendt with my mother. As it happens, I cam across this article from the New York Review of Books about a month ago, “On Violence.”

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