Once again I couldn’t figure out what to draw and it was getting late so I needed to do something quickly. A few days ago, watched The Secret Disco Revolution. The movie itself is dreadful. I would not only not recommend it, but advise against it. However, it did remind me of some of the music of the era.

The essential premise of the movie, that there was a hidden, subversive, political message in disco, is overstated. The scene of the discotheque did reflect changes that were going on in society on a social level, but it was only political in so far as all social changes can be said to have a political dimension. If there is a unique aspect to the disco era, it might be that the audience was at least as important as the performers. Certainly, there are interesting things to discuss from that era, but the movie doesn’t manage that.

A sketch of a man dancing in a disco.

  1. vastlycurious.com said:

    You’ve got lots of movement . Especially in his hand! Nice !

    • fojap said:

      Thanks. I was trying to not do the finger-pointing-to-the-sky pose.

      • vastlycurious.com said:

        I know and you succeeded !

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