Links: It’s Your Vulva (Unless Of Course You’re a Guy…)

Most Saturdays, I post links to things I’ve found that, for whatever reason, I find interesting. I do this in large part because much of what I find on the internet I find through following links on other people’s blogs, not least of all in the comments. I encourage anyone who has links to share to add them below.

I’d already read a review of the book What Do Women Want in the New York Times Book Review. However I found Toni Bentley’s review interesting because the things she brings to it makes it read like an essay.

I also came across the work of this photographer, Jade Beall who has been photographing women either shortly after giving birth or while they are pregnant. The photos of pregnant women didn’t surprise me at all because I’ve seen many of them, but the photos of women after giving birth were new to me.

Regarding the awkward title to this post: I first typed it without the part in parenthesis. When I looked at it a second time, I realized if someone had written “It’s your penis,” I would have turned into a fire-breathing feminist and starting complaining, at least to myself, about how the person was clearly excluding women. So, I felt a bit like a jerk and changed the title.

  1. said:

    Jade’s work is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing!

      • said:


    • fojap said:

      I mentioned that I’d write to you about my time in Philadelphia, but I couldn’t find an email address or a contact form. There’s a contact form on my about page.

  2. The photos are awesome.
    The title you chose, just as the many others are catchy and always appropriate

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