Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

Yesterday, I went to Fells Point, down by the water.A bike locked to a street sign with elements of the state flag of Maryland painted on it.

Normally, when I post pictures of Baltimore, I try not to post pictures of abandoned buildings. Since moving here, I’ve become a bit sensitive to the fact that the people living here aren’t always thrilled with the fact that their city is always portrayed in the same way. Since this is the only closed storefront in an otherwise prosperous area, I figured this picture would be okay.

The font door of a storefront that used to be a bar and is no longer occupied.

We stopped in a Spanish restaurant for a bite to eat.

A pair of hands grasping a glass of sangria.

After dinner, we took a walk around the area.

A sidewalk with people walking up and down. In the foregeound, two people sit in chairs in front of a shop and two women look at something on a cell phone together.

This loudspeaker was playing music in front of a shop. It was painted read and I thought it looked amusingly like lips.

A loudspeaker painted red.

The interior of a record store.

Some men's straw hats for sale on a rack.

A woman ties up a pleasure boat while some tourists look on. Meanwhile, there is a huge container ship in the background. Fells point is now for tourists, but Baltimore still has an active harbor.

A water taxi passing by an empty warehouse.

A man in the foreground sitting on a park bench. Behind him, another many plays a saxaphone. In the background is a woman with children. Further yet are some shops with people milling about.

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