A young woman in a short skirt and red jacket.

Well, last week I put up a one panel cartoon prompted by my frustration with people who view technology from a purely consumerist point of view – having the latest gadgets just to show that, well, they have the latest gadgets. What irks me is that they put down people who are different than they are. If you like new gadgets and have the money, go ahead, have a blast. Although this sort of behavior is exhibited by men as well as women, it reminded me of certain types of girls in high school who would show off having the latest and greatest whatever. It generally wasn’t technology back then. Then I felt funny about what I drew, contrasting a “bimbo” with a “serious girl.” After drawing it, I realized that I was feeding into stereotypes and that I might have looked like either girl at different moments in my life. Well, I don’t wear heels like that. So, I decided to draw a caricature of myself circa 1987. I found a red satin men’s smoking jacket in a thrift shop that I just loved. I used to throw it over a short stretch cotton mini-skirt and a black tank top. I usually wore dark tights so I didn’t have to worry about crossing my legs. I also had a pair of soft leather booties what were incredibly comfortable. I’d wear them whether or not they matched. After a while, a couple of friends started teasing me about my “elf boots.” Yes, elf boots and big hoop earings. That’s just the kind of gal I am.

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