Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

This wasn’t an easy challenge for me. Since the challenge is posted on Friday, that usually gives me the weekend to come up with something. Escape is a word that means almost nothing to me. My mind was a total blank. Then my sister went away to the beach with a friend for a week. She asked if I had any good “escapist” fiction. I took the lightest stuff from my bookshelf and put in a bag for her. Then I realized that reading was one of my primary means of escape. So I took a whole bunch of novels off my shelf and made this little tableau. There are also books under the chair and on the other side as well, but aesthetically, I liked this photo best. I think you still get the sense of a room cluttered with books even if you don’t see all the books.

An arm chair covered in novels.

Now, I need to go clean up the room.

    • fojap said:

      Thanks for noticing. And thanks for stopping by.

  1. vastlycurious.com said:

    Nice work and nice photo. I struggled with the word and projected happy thoughts. Not what I really wanted to say.

  2. I wish I could branch out and do some of these challenges. (too busy making noise)

    • fojap said:

      If I were to try singing I would be guaranteed that no one would ever come around here anymore. We all do what we can.

      Didn’t you say that you liked George Eliot? It happens that Adam Bede is on the top of the pile, but the title’s not very visible. It’s pretty much a random grouping. That real page turner, Strunk and White, is in there.

      • Pile? What pile? lol I need to be put on a leash.
        And yes, I do like GE.

  3. tms said:

    Great idea – and, being an ardent reader myself, I like the way you put it into a picture.

  4. I read to escape into another world. I read all the time. Great idea for escape.

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