Not me. The Jay.A Blue Jay in a treel

I’ve mentioned it elsewhere before, but since I put up posts on quite a few different subjects, I don’t know if there are many people who read the majority of them, so pardon me if I repeat myself. About two summers ago, I started feeding a chipmunk out of my hand, mainly because it amused me that he had gotten so friendly. Eventually, the squirrels got in on the action. Meanwhile, there had been this Blue Jay that hung around watching. If a stray peanut was missed by a squirrel, he’d swoop down and get it. He especially seems to love peanuts. (unsalted only)

A Blue Jay taking off with a peanut in its beak.

Not being very original with names, I call him “Blue.”

The black markings that encircle the Blue Jay’s head and face are unique to each bird. Researchers think that they use these markings to identify one another. We have several Blue Jays that come near the bird feeder, but I have difficulty telling them apart by their markings if they’re not sitting side by side. However, I suspect it’s the same Jay that comes when I call the squirrels.

The neighbors must wonder why they keep finding peanuts in their flower beds.

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  1. said:

    Lovely post. We used to have Blue Jays but not anymore. Maybe I need to strew unsalted peanuts?

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