A Most Spoiled Kitty

Cat on a bathroom countertop drinking from a water fountain.

Crash loves water. Unfortunately, he developed a habit of jumping in the tub and crying at the top of his lungs so we would turn on the faucet. So I bought him a water fountain. Yes. I know it’s a little over the top to buy a cat a water fountain, but he does love it.

The cat and the water fountain.

  1. vastlycurious.com said:

    He is beautiful =^.^=

    • fojap said:

      My sister loved the cat symbol.

      • vastlycurious.com said:

        I did not create it but I go by Katt and I saw it somewhere!

  2. Keith said:

    What kind of cat is Crash? My cat is the same breed and someone told me its a variation of Russian Blue but I’m not sure.

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