Old Sketch

Maugryph asked where on the internet he could find some of my comics. Wow, am I old. The answer is “nowhere.” I drew them in ink on paper and sometimes photocopied them and made little magazines. So, I thought that I should dig around in my old stuff and find some of my comics. I’d just scan them and throw them up. I even knew what one I was looking for. Of course, being a disorganized slob who’s moved more time than I can count, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I did find, however, a pad of paper with some nudes that I’d done in a life drawing class about fifteen years ago.A charcoal sketch of a nude sitting on the ground with one knee bent and here arms folded around her knee and her head resting on her forearms.

  1. gocharliego4 said:

    the sketch is fabulous. I am enjoying seeing your artwork! thanks!

  2. vastlycurious.com said:

    Very nice!

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