More on Blackie

I published a post a while ago about a stray cat that comes around my sister’s place. Several people noted his bum left eye. He was around again yesterday. With Boy and Mama hissing madly through the window, I went outside to give him some treats. He really loves treats. Watching him, I was wondering how well he could see out of his right eye. I suspect the boy might be close to blind.

An old stray cat sitting on the path looking up hoping for some food.

I got my camera. The last time, he ran a few feet away when he heard the shutter click. This time he flinched the at the first shot, but then after a couple of clicks he didn’t seem to mind at all. I think it was a new sound and one that alarmed him. Now that he understands it doesn’t hurt him, he’s relaxed about it.


He had a cut on his ear. I wish I knew better what to do for him. He’s a sweet boy.

The same old cat resting under a bush.

  1. said:

    He’s a beauty!

  2. Is it possible that the cut on Blackie’s ear, is possibly a cropping done by a vet to show that he’s been fixed? We have a number of neighborhood feral cats and most of them have the cropped ear. Our neighbor works for the Maryland Zoo and she’s been a real force in keeping the cats healthy.

    • fojap said:

      I’m pretty sure it’s not because a feral female who was around last year and has since been adopted showed up one day with the tip of her ear off. The vets do it in a way that’s hard to mistake. My mother took in a cat who had had that done as well. Years ago, I took in a feral cat who had small tears on his ears like that and he was intact. It’s the injury, which is just awful, that’s gotten us motivated to do something, but once we get him to the vet we’ll get him all checked out. I’m pretty sure he has ear mites. If he hasn’t been fixed, we’ll get that done, too. The female cat, who now lives with a neighbor, had four kittens, three of whom were jet black and Blackie was often seen with the girl. The are few strays in the neighborhood. Those are the only ones I’ve seen. We haven’t been taking care of a feral colony or we would have been more proactive.

      The way he behaves, I’m pretty sure that he’s a stray, not feral. He begs for food and wants to be pet. It looks like he makes the rounds of back doors of the neighborhood and know who’s a softie and who isn’t. This is in Mount Washington, so it’s a pretty suburban environment around my sister’s place.

      • We were living in Mt Washington until we bought our house in Original Northwood last year. Can’t believe we never ran into Blackie. One of the feral’s in our neighborhood has a big green glassy eyeball that is clearly a mess. We call him Sammy, because I’m a creep that is making a Sammy Davis Jr. glass eye reference.

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