Limiting my adorable animal pictures to one per week is not a joke. I really could have a blog devoted to my pictures of critters. Sometimes I wonder what is says about me that I could probably do nothing all day but take pictures of cats, dogs, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and the odd frog and come home in the evening and post them on the internet. That would be a happy life. I’m willing to consider any offers from wealthy patrons willing to help me realize my, admittedly banal, artistic vision.

A small cat rolling on the floor looking for affection.

This is Mamacita. She’s the mother of the huge baby that appeared in last week’s picture. She and her kittens had been left in a box on the doorstep of my sister’s vet. They called Sis because she had recently lost a couple of pets. She took the mother because she was afraid no one would take an adult cat. Mama is about half the size of Baby but she bosses him around.

  1. I don’t have pets and really don’t want any. But I enjoy seeing the pictures of the pets of others. 🙂

    • fojap said:

      My apartment doesn’t allow animals, which is why these are all pictures of other people’s pets, plus the occasional wild animal.

      • On what days do you post the wild things so I won’t come that day. lol
        Teasing……post away!

    • gocharliego4 said:

      I just love her one eye open….seems like she is looking right at us. Great shot! I enjoy your animal pics. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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